Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 2 – Week 2

Last week I had so much fun back in my friend fabulous fashionista and impeccable IP attorney Leela Madan of Madan Law. We styled Leela for a week of power client meetings, networking events, peer and mentor group gatherings as well as an interview she conducted with a potential new attorney joining her practice. Leela’s firm has a laid back comfortable vibe, but they are very serious about what they do and how they take care of their clients – somewhat of a wardrobe challenge. You can watch our video below and then read on to hear how our outfits worked out and see pictures of how she looked in them.

What to Wear at a Business Casual Law Firm Video
Casual Monday

Monday is actually the casual day at Leela’s firm since they often have client meetings on Fridays. Leela kept things laid back with these black athletic leggings, but jazzed things up a bit with this fuchsia colored top that picked up the accent in her athletic shoes. To give the outfit a little more sophisticated look, we added this leopard print cotton scarf. Adding a scarf to an athletic look (leggings, sweat shirts, etc.) or even a casual necklace can really dress it up for a more put together feel. You can also swap out your trainers for a pair of casual boots or booties. Leela also wore this fabulous leather jacket which she has has worn several years, Wearing an old friend like this jacket always makes for a comfortable feel! Leela wasn’t feeling great on Monday morning so she reported that having her outfit ready to go in the morning made all the difference when it came to getting out of the door.

Networking Tuesday

On Tuesday Leela started the morning off with her weekly Business Networking International (BNI) meeting. This is a phenomenal group of business people that meet each week to learn more about each other’s businesses and exchange referrals. It’s also the group indirectly responsible for my introduction to Leela – if you own a small business or sell to them, I highly recommend you look into joining a chapter. Leela also had client meetings on Tuesday and doesn’t she look fabulous in this classic Ralph Lauren blazer with the leopard collar. This blazer originally belonged to her mother, but has stood the test of time – particularly with leopard being extra hot this year! This ended up being fuchsia week for Leela, but each outfit was unique enough that she didn’t look like she was wearing a uniform. I love the elegance of this look and more importantly, so did Leela.

Causal Lunch Wednesday

Wednesday was another casual day at the Madan Law firm. As sometimes happens with wardrobe planning when you don’t actually try everything on, the top we picked didn’t quite work with this skirt. The burgundy sweater was a little too long and just didn’t feel right so Leela made a last minute substitution to this millennial pink sweater. I love the change actually and it still worked well with the argyle tights which was the part of the outfit we were most excited about anyway. I also loved the tall boots with the shorter skirt. For a chilly day with only a causal lunch meeting, this outfit was perfect and Leela looks darling! Really, our girl could be 17 and headed to prep school here as young and fresh as she looks, but with her commanding and knowledgeable presence, no one is mistaking her for a school girl! There are benefits to running your own firm!

Interviewing a New Attorney Thursday

Thursday it was back to fuchsia with this adorable trench coat! This trench was thin enough for Leela to keep on and wear as her blazer. Leela was interviewing a potential candidate to join her firm so she wanted to look professional and serious. Nothing says serious like a crisp white collared blouse and some pointy toed black pumps! These pumps also sport that spikey embellishment style that really says “I mean business”. Black pencil pants completed the look and Leela reported feeling great in this outfit, but she did say next time she will probably wear a sleeveless blouse with this jacket since the long sleeves on this shirt did not play nicely with the jacket sleeves. Great item to note in her wardrobe journal!

Friday ended up being a different day than Leela was expecting so that outfit will have to wait for another day. But Saturday, girlfriend looked amazing! I was just thrilled to see how our outfit turned out when she walked into baby Sasha’s first birthday party! The whole thing just worked and the fabulous metallic pants carried her nicely into an evening art event where she was coached to wear something a little edgy. The party was amazing and as you can see some past Closet Reboot fabulous fashionista and awesome attorneys were there as well including the girl of honor’s mamma Thais Amaral Tellawi (see Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 20) and All Nowowiejski (see Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 14).

We had so much fun – I will definitely be back in Leela’s closet this season! For this week, I was back in my closet with my long time friend Lauren Larive. Lauren is and education and marketing goddess who to our very good fortune recently moved back to Houston. I challenged her to find new alternatives to pair with some clothing items I’ve had for quite a while. When you consider I’ve been doing these 32 weeks and some of these items are more than 10 years old, it was quite a challenge! To see how she met the challenge like a champ, check out our YouTube video below

My wish for these videos and posts is that they will inspire you to find new looks for your own wardrobe by inviting a friend or stylist into your closet. In the meantime, please let me know if there are some themes or topics you would like to read about or watch on YouTube. And as always, have a great week!


Misty Ann

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