Dear Seekers of Inspiration, Organization & Style,

As a professional, wife of an executive (now ex-wife), mother, and non-profit board member, I have come to appreciate having a style that enables me to be a productive member of the community each day.  My closet has always been the personification of that style if not the vehicle for enabling it.  For me, there is something about a neat, well-ordered and well-stocked closet that sets the tone for my day.

Yet how many times have I walked into my closet full of clothes, shoes, etc. and thought “I have nothing to wear.”  Maybe the perfect power outfit for my client steering committee meeting is right there on my suit rack hidden from view by two large blazers.  Maybe the ensemble that will put me in the persuasive frame of mind to get that large donation for my pet charity is just missing one key element.  Maybe my favorite little black dress just doesn’t fit quite right for tonight’s networking happy hour.  Or maybe my go to pair of jeans for movie night with my sons is just getting too worn or the cut feels out of style now.  Inevitably I’ll be putting away dry cleaning and find a skirt I’d forgotten all about that would have been perfect to wear for my lunch meeting the previous day.  My clothes are either too baggy or too tight or just don’t fit the way they did before I had children.  Ever been there?

I’m at a place in my life where I’ve decided life is too short to not feel my best every time I get dressed.  And, I’m going to do something about it.  I’m going to reboot my closet.  I’m on a quest to declutter, create a space that is both inspirational and relaxing, and find my perfect style.  And I was thinking that there might be a few kindred spirits out there who are interested in doing the same thing. Since I’ve been the beneficiary of some great advice from people who have been there and done that on everything from career to life as a single mother, I’d like to share the wealth of knowledge from the long list of experts I’ve recruited to help me reboot my closet.  So please, subscribe to my YouTube channel and this blog, follow my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest pages, leave me a “like” if you got something from a post or video that was helpful or a comment with your own experience if you don’t.  I’m really excited about sharing this experience with you!

Yours in inspiration, organization and style,

Misty Ann