Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 2 – Week 3

I’m not gonna lie – it was an exhausting week, my friends! Four all day 2019 planning meetings and 2 team dinners with my clients! By Friday, my brain was fried – but no time for that! Thank goodness my long time friend Lauren was there to help get my wardrobe situated before this week began, because I sure didn’t have time to think about it! You can watch our video below and then read on to see how the outfits worked out.

Monday was the start of a very busy week and I was set to go! We spent the first three days of the week in a very cold conference room so having a mock turtleneck sweater with another cardigan over it was very comforting! These lined wool pants with coupled with a pair of black tights and my black suede booties were also perfect! Would you believe that I still needed an extra wrap for part of the day. This cardigan had a lot going on so I kept the jewelry minimal with just these pearl and ruby earrings that were a gift several years ago from my mom. As I mentioned in the video, I’ve always missed the gray in this cardigan, but Lauren immediately spotted it and pegged the pants as a good pairing. This, my friends, is the power of having another set of eyes in your closet! Great outfit to start off a very demanding week!

For warmth, this outfit would be tough to beat! The sweater is an old favorite from Anne Klein – I love the shade of green which I had a hard time capturing in my picture, but the texture gives it a really sophisticated feel with a very slight sheen. I originally bought this sweater (about 18 years ago) to go with a lovely skirt that had a black and green pattern which was very flattering. The cut was similar to the one I wore on Tuesday only the pattern was extremely flattering emphasizing the hips, but narrowing in just the right places. I was a bigger girl then coming off of my first pregnancy so that skirt would swallow me now and because of the pattern it really couldn’t be altered. I’ve never found anything I like nearly as well with this sweater until Lauren reached for my new Inoah skirt that I recently purchased from the It’s All About You Boutique (see Wardrobe Planning Volume 1 – Week 29). Lauren was really excited about my over the knee boots from Steve Madden, but the real advantage to these boots was how warm they kept my legs under the skirt. I also loved that Lauren grabbed this crystal necklace my sister-in-law Lena brought back for me from Russia. It wasn’t quite long enough so I used the matching bracelet which is too big for my wrist as an extender – perfect! Even with my toasty sweater, I still needed a shawl and this one was perfect, picking up some of the colors from the skirt

Wednesday was a super long day with a wrap up of my first 3 day planning session and then a kick off dinner for another planning session starting early the next morning. I was glad to have this comfortable black turtleneck paired with another new acquisition from the It’s All About You Boutique – this fun floral blouse from Comfy. This is the first time I’ve worn this blouse and Lauren went a completely different direction than I would have gone. I see light colors when I look at the blouse, but Lauren saw black and I have to say – I love the look! Nothing says winter like monochrome black from turtleneck to black leather booties. But, the light floral top brought some welcome cheer to a winter day! These are my black go-to White House Black Market pencil pants and, after three days of sitting in a conference room eating super yummy food that brought in for us not to mention coming off the decadent holidays, they were feeling a little snug. That wasn’t a bad thing as I sat down to another super yummy meal with my team at Emmaline – a fabulous restaurant near downtown Houston. The snug waist helped keep me honest as I split some fabulous dishes with my client.

Thursday was the subject of my weekly quick tip video (watch below). There are only so many ways to wear a dress – right? Maybe not. I’ve worn black and white turtlenecks under this Michael Kors dress before, but I never thought to pair it with a color until Lauren reached for my purple mock turtleneck that has just a touch of ruching at the neckline. I loved the purple pop of color, but as I discussed in my quick tip video, the pattern on this dress can be a little overwhelming and not totally flattering – particularly when I’m carrying a few extra pounds and wearing a shirt underneath for extra bulk. that’s when I decided to add this Brooks Brother’s sweater suit jacket and with the center hooked, I got just enough coverage to break up the pattern and give me my waist back. That and some much needed extra warmth in yet another cold conference room. My tall black suede boots along with my grandmother Sara Lee’s long faux pearls completed the outfit nicely.

How to Make a Patterned Dress Flatter Your Figure

Friday I had planned to finally wear my white and blue cardigan and jeans outfit, but a more formal outfit was needed for an extra meeting that got added to my calendar. Not to worry – that outfit will get used soon enough!

I spent most of this weekend celebrating the life of my fabulous and uncommonly sweet Aunt Dena. She is a pistol and she has created a lovely family to carry on her positive, kind, and giving spirit. I feel honored to have been a part of this weekend with her not to mention to be a part of her family. Love you always, Aunt Dena!

Thank you so much for reading and please check out this week’s wardrobe planning session with my friend, neighbor and fabulous fashionista Christiane Waldron. We had fun styling her for a week of meetings and an evening networking event.

Weekly Wardrobe Planning with Christiane Waldron

See you next time and in the meantime, have a wonderful week!


Misty Ann

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