Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 20

Last week I helped my good friend and estate attorney Thias Amaral Tellawi style some alternative outfits to get her through those last few days of taking off maternity weight.  Fortunately, we scheduled our session early in the week before the shingles ebola (just shingles – the ebola part is an inside joke for @Dionne & @Amber) took me out for a while.

We had so much fun in Thais’s lovely home and bonus: I convinced her handsome husband and also my business attorney Saeed to let us style him later this year.  But, the best part was meeting baby Sasha – what a little doll!  You too can catch a glimpse of baby Sasha and her parents on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel by clicking the picture below.  Alright, let’s see how well we did styling her momma.


Intern DressOn Monday Thais and Saeed had a new law clerk starting at their firm, but it was an exclusive office day so she wanted to look serious and set a good example, but still a little more relaxed and comfortable.  She had not yet worn this adorable olive green dress although it is the same style as the navy one she was wearing for the video.  We mixed things up a little with a gold belt to emphasize her small waist.  We also added this lovely scarf that had been tucked away in her scarf box to pull together the olive green and add some other colors including a pop of black.  That black worked perfectly to pull in her brand new bling booties which I absolutely love and Thais couldn’t wait to wear!  The bling also worked well with the metallic belt.  We added gold hoop earrings, a subtle necklace, and a lovely gold cuff to pick up the gold in the metallic belt.  Girlfriend no doubt set a great example of business casual attorney style!

Tuesday was client meeting day in the In House Client Meetingsoffice so Thais wanted to go a little dressier with this animal pattern dress. It seems like animal patterns have been in for a while to me, but apparently they are especially in this year and this is a great transition dress that flatters Thais’s waist while giving her some room in the hips.  Normally she wears a black jacket with this dress, but we paired it with a red cardigan and this fun gold pendant to give it a pop of color.  It’s amazing what changing out a jacket for a cardigan or a bright color for a neutral can do to change the look of an outfit.  We rounded out the look with black pumps and simple earrings.  Great look to instill confidence in yourself and your clients!

office admin day comboWednesday was admin day in the office so Thais again could wear a bit more laid back business casual outfit.  I loved these comfortable new pants that she recently picked up – they felt like pajamas and what a beautiful pattern!  We toned them down a bit with a nice flowing black tunic and this wonderful flowing mauve duster shawl.  I loved all of this outfit, but I am all about these fabulous Michael Kors heels!  The pants are a bit long so she really needed the height in the heel anyway, but who wouldn’t want to wear these beauties just for their own fabulous look!  The lovely gold necklace that Thais got from her grandmother and pretty gold cuff that Saeed gave her served to dress up the outfit just a tad – perfect and super comfortable look for an office admin day!

Thursday was mom day with Sasha, but Networking Comboshe had a networking event in the evening.  We went with this adorable black dress with white pockets, but switched things up a bit from how she usually wears it by adding this cute red, black and white polka dot scarf around her neck.  I loved the way the geometry of the round polka dots complimented the rectangular lines of the white pocket trim!  Simple ball earrings also played well off the round polka dots and I love how she pulled her hair back with the scarf knotted at her neck.  We used her red and black snake skin pumps to coordinate in with the pop of red which completed the look nicely.  Very cute networking look and again, amazing how an accessory like this scarf can completely change the look of the dress.

Speaking Engagement

Friday Thias had a speaking engagement with fellow legal professionals so we needed to go full on suit.  We went with a black blazer and black flared skirt that frankly Thais has worn together several times.  The flowing blouse with a colorful pattern added some interest and we kept the jewelry simple.  Thias had a great point that she doesn’t like to wear flashy jewelry when speaking because it is distracting and you want the focus to be on the speech.  Since Thias is an accomplished and sought after public speaker, I tend to listen when she has advice about speaking engagements.  We did add one twist to this outfit which is we went with nude pumps instead of the black ones she usually wears.  I’ve noticed that nude pumps with black dresses and skirts is very in style right now – I saw a lot of it at temple over the Jewish high holidays and its a favorite of my friend Shelly Buchman (see Weekly Wardrobe Planning Volume 1 – Week 18).

Our last outfit was for date night!  Thais date night combo 2and Saeed are fortunate to have a lot of family and friends in town that can and do help out with baby Sasha. This way, they are able to make time for themselves as a couple too – great practice I would encourage all young parents to engage in.  I’ve always loved Thais in this beautiful pre-baby dress and not only does it fit again, but she feels fabulous in it!  You can’t beat a dress like this one with just enough give and memory to work at multiple weights and still look fabulous.  We paired the dress with these fabulous shoes, but what was really exciting was adding this lovely pearl choker that Saeed picked up for Thais at an estate sale.  I believe this piece may actually have been a collar at some point, but it makes a lovely choker with this dress and plays off on the lacy theme well.

As for me, I only ended up working two fMonday pencil skirtull days last week since I managed to develop shingles and had to stay home and rest up a few days (see Health Note: My Shingles Experience).  It was too bad too because I was really excited about my outfits for the week!  You can learn more about my pencil skirt outfit in my Tuesday Topics video on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel  (click the the pencil skirt picture to link to the video).  I did quite a bit of research on how to wear the new pencil skirt look so definitely worth checking out!  My Tuesday outfit was super comfortable which was fortunate because I was really miserable with the shingles headache by Tuesday morning so the extra comfort Tuesday rtr blush ruffle blousewas welcome!  This ruffle blouse is not the one I picked up in the shopping trip referenced in my pencil skirt video, but rather the Pink Nova Blouse by Parker from my last Rent the Runway Unlimited shipment.  I paired it with a subtle black pen stripe pant by Polo Ralph Lauren that I picked up with my friend Jackie at the Saks 5th Avenue winter sale a couple of seasons ago.  Yes, I’m always in need of a cardigan or jacket to fight off the frigid Houston indoor climate, but I actually liked the way my little black cardigan worked with this outfit.  My pink pearls that my ex-husband got me in Prague back in 2000 along with my Kendra Scott earrings, matching bracelet and Ivanka Trump nude pumps completed the look.

Please let me know how you think we did and don’t forget to check out this week’s wardrobe planning session.  Guest stylist Jamie Bisel of Making the Most of What You Have and my long time friend Anne Morrison were kind enough to carry the video without me since I’m still feeling a bit under the weather (click the picture below to see their video).

SNWP Anne Morrison Thumbnail Final

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and have a fabulous week!


Misty Ann

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