Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 2 – Week 1

Last week saw the end of holiday vacation and my first three days back at my client site. Things were pretty laid back all week with the exception of New Years Day when I spent the entire day taking down my Christmas ornaments. Never the less, I still had to get dressed! You can watch my wardrobe planning video for last week below and then read on to see how my outfits worked out.

Last Weekly Wardrobe Planning Video of 2018

Monday was New Year’s Eve. During the day I ventured out first to meet my friend Jackie at Kojak’s Fine Foods near the Heights / Garden Oaks area to catch up over breakfast. Such a cool little place with a mean latte! Its always fun discovering new little places in Houston and Jackie is the master when it comes to that! The morning was chilly so I was really glad to have my new Athleta jacket handy! Next I met mom (also a Jackie) to visit a sick friend of the family. We had a very nice visit and I was super comfortable in my Gen 7 jeans which luckily had plenty of stretch to accommodate my holiday weight gain. I love this plaid flannel shirt from Rails and had almost forgotten about it so glad to have it available. Normally I would have gone with a low key thin short chain necklace with a simple small pendant, but since it was New Years, I went with this more festive Wink necklace from Premier Designs instead. The white turtleneck kept me nice and toasty since it was a little chilly during the day. Next I raced home to meet the delivery man for my new LG dryer and while I was making room for that, took the opportunity to purge and clean my laundry room – thinking I need a post this week about laundry room makeover ideas.

I also got grocery shopping done and cooked a steak dinner for my Mom and my boys. So productive! I had planned to change into a casual party outfit to ring in the new year, but we ended up not having any guests for the evening and quite frankly, I was so pooped that I barely managed to stay awake for midnight!

As mentioned earlier, I spent Tuesday taking down my Christmas decorations so my attire consisted of very casual work out type pieces – not picture worthy stuff. However, what I accomplished in my den (getting all the decorations down), was very picture worthy! It felt like such a great start to the new year to get my den fresh and clean even if it is a little sad taking down all the pretty decorations and lights. I had moved my game table and chairs into my kitchen area to accommodate the tree this year and I liked them so much there that I have decided to keep them where they are. So, that means my den is looking a little bare. I’ve ordered a couple of things to fill in the gap which I will blog about when they arrive later this month.

Wednesday it was back to work at my client site in downtown Houston. Down here most of our kids are were still off for holiday break so very few people made it into the office. Because my client’s dress code is already pretty casual, this week was super relaxed. It was pretty chilly in Houston on Wednesday and very wet – yet more flood warnings made getting out of bed and driving to work a little challenging. However, having my outfits ready to go was a big help as always – great time saver and nice not having to thing too hard in the early morning after I’d gotten a little too used to sleeping in. This purple sweater from Athleta is super dense without being too thick which means warmth without crazy bulk. The pants from Ann Taylor are a soft warm knit that is a little more casual than I usually sport for work, but since my floor was only at about 25% of its normal population, I felt pretty comfortable. This black and white pashmina scarf was the perfect compliment for my outfit since it was super cold in the office and I needed it a few times around my shoulders for extra warmth. My favorite purple Michael Kors booties fished off my casual outfit giving it a little extra sharpness.

Thursday started off as another cold wet day in Houston so I was really glad to have this Liny Xin Women’s Cashmere Knitted Turtleneck Long Sleeve Winter Wool Pullover Long Sweater Dresses Top in ginger that my brother got me for Christmas along with my long black boots to keep my legs warm. I had planned two options for myself – one with no belt and a long gold / netural stone necklace and the other with a black belt at the waist and short black leather necklace I got in Montreal last summer. When the day arrived, I opted to go without the belt so the look on the left was what I wore to the office and to record next week’s wardrobe planning video with attorney Leela Madan (see link at bottom of this post). The waist on this leopard print maxi skirt from Boston Proper was a tad snug, but that was helpful in reminding me to keep my calorie count down so that I can get back to my fighting weight.

Friday the sun came back out and even though it was still a bit chilly, the day was absolutely beautiful! I stayed warm in my Jen7 Skinny Jeans in “authentic light Brooklyn” especially with my new Steve Madden Women’s Gorgeous Boots (over the knee boots) in taupe. This sweater may look familiar if you watched my wardrobe planning video in local Houston boutique It’s All About You because it matches a skirt that I purchased there and wore in wardrobe planning that week. Its super warm and feels just like cashmere. With a navy blue mock turtle neck underneath and my Athleta jacket on top, I stayed nice and toasty! The necklace I’m wearing is also from my It’s All About You boutique haul – I can’t believe how much wear I’ve gotten from it over the past several weeks both as a necklace and a belt. Normally, these boots would feel a little edgy for work, but since I hardly saw another person on my floor all day and I got two very nice compliments from co-workers about them in the elevator and at lunch, I wasn’t too concerned.

This weekend has also been all about the errands and then a lovely massage at the Houstonian Trellis Spa today with my mom and good friend Cindy. We had a little rose champagne and then chased our massages with a pedicure. Great end to the week and now its time to get really serious about the first full week of 2019! Helping bad ass IP attorney Leela Madan, founder and managing partner of Madan Law get styled for the week was a great start! You can watch our video by clicking on the play button in the picture below.

Wardrobe Planning for a Business Casual but Serious Law Firm

Thank you again for reading and supporting my blog! I’d love to hear about your plans and wardrobe goals for 2019 in a comment. In the meantime, have a fabulous week!


Misty Ann

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