Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 2 – Week 4

Last week I had the great pleasure of helping my friend Christiane Waldron choose outfits for a week of meetings with consultants and a networking event. Christiane is the founder and owner of Jenetiqa Skincare, but she is also a Director of Sales for an international chemical company. While Christiane is an executive and in a sales position, she is also officed at one of her company’s plants here in Houston, Texas. Dressing for a managerial position while working in an environment where most of your colleagues are wearing coveralls and steel-toed boots can be a challenge. But, I think we did a great job and Christiane looked like her usual fabulous self, only with a different spin since I helped pick her outfits. To watch our video from the wardrobe planning session, click on the following thumbnail. And to see how our outfits worked out, keep reading!

Wardrobe Planning Session with Christiane on the Closet Reboot YouTube Channel

For Monday I reached for this adorable jacket with feathering lining the bottom. We paired the jacket with a burgundy top that had a nice jeweled button fastening the key hole at the top. Christiane is big into monotone (especially black) which is such a rich and sophisticated look. But, I wanted to push her a little outside her comfort zone to inject some variety so I was very excited about the pop of color in the blouse. We added a little more dimension with these cute pants that have a funky gray, white and black pattern Christiane reported receiving compliments on her Monday outfit including a co-worker who really liked the feathered jacket. Great way to start out the week!

For Tuesday we started with this beautiful black and cream shawl – so sophisticated and nice and warm too! Christiane has a black top with white trim that she normally wears with this shawl, but I wanted her to break up the black with a cream colored jacket top that she had never worn. I loved this jacket with its gold buttons and gold zipper – super cute! But, it turns out there may be a reason Christiane had not worn it yet. She reported feeling a little uncomfortable with such a light color on top since she feels like that is where she carries a lot of her weight. Having dealt with this issue postpartum, I totally get it! In hind sight, I think we could have put a wide black belt or even a scarf at the waist To break up the color and highlight her hour glass figure. I think there is absolutely no doubt that the outfit looks stunning with the shawl in place though! Note to self: the next time someone states they’ve had a piece for a while and not worn it yet – ask why

How fabulous is my girl’s outfit for Wednesday at work and then an evening networking event? Christiane was kind enough to send me three images for this outfit – and I think she looks terrific in all of them! I’m not alone because this was another outfit for which Christiane reported getting compliments. We started with the lovely long jacket in the far right image and then, because a very cold night was predicted, reached for the equally lovely Louis Vuitton scarf in the middle and right image. Jamie Bisel likes to say that when you can get pattern on pattern right, it’s a very high end look. I loved how these two patterns worked together because the colors were such a great match and both fabrics had a slight sheen. With all that pattern, we went monochrome black underneath including a black mock turtleneck sweater and a leather pencil skirt. We also added a wonderful David Yurman chain with a fabulous custom made pendant – such a rich and sophisticated look! This pendent is so unique and had just a tad of bling to really draw out the sheen in the scarf and the jacket. I thought this was the perfect ensemble for a power women’s networking event!

I love how Thursday turned out! This picture doesn’t quite do the charcoal gray color in these pants and top justice, but you can definitely spot how fabulous Christiane looks in this ensemble! We started with the jacket witch is a cream leather with small pleats throughout – I absolutely fell in love with it on her closet rack! I love how the curve at the bottom of the jacket emphasizes Christiane’s hour glass figure particularly with these slim leggings. The ruching in her gray top also helped continue the slim silhouette while giving Christiane a little room to breath. Per Natalie King, ruching is very flattering for the mid section particularly if you have added a few pounds during the holidays. Of course normally Christiane pairs this jacket with monochrome black so this time we went with monochrome gray. The scarf pulls together the rich feel of cream and charcoal gray which is almost a whole different feel from black and cream. We finished off the look with these beautiful nude Louboutin heels – I just love the plush and sophisticated feel of all these neutrals together! Not everyone can pull these colors off, but I think Christiane is among the lucky few who definitely can!

I was beyond excited to hear that our Friday pick got the stamp of approval from perhaps the most important stakeholder of all – Christiane’s husband Lawrence. Lawrence and I serve on our HOA board together so I was very happy to hear we got his approval! As it turns out, Friday was too hot for the red sweater we paired with these wonderful fitted jeans and fabulous black suede over the knee boots. Christiane still wore the jeans and boots though and was kind enough to model the outfit with the sweater we chose last week. I really love the long necklace we paired with this sweater as well since it draws the eye to her long silhouette. And, Christiane will have this ensemble ready to go in her mental look book for the next cold Houston Friday.

So that was our week! I took this week off from wardrobe planning because of some special plans last weekend, but I’ll blog about those later in the week. In the meantime, I hope you have a fabulous week and will visit again soon!


Misty Ann

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