Wardrobe Planning Hits & Misses Volume 1 – Week 26

Last week was vacation week for me so I only needed a few outfits, but they were important ones!  Luckily, Natalie King of Nat King Couture was here to help me last Sunday for holiday wardrobe planning (to watch our video, click the play button on the following picture).

Last Week’s Wardrobe Planning Video with Natalie King
from left to right: fabulous fashionistas Alla Nowowiejski, Thais Amaral Tellawi, me, and Pamela O’Brien

On Monday I attended a lovely happy hour given by Oscar Fine Properties.  Natalie put together a great holiday work outfit that was perfect for this event.  With these jewel green pants from Express and my grandmother Sara Lee’s vintage high fashion necklace, the outfit had a festive feel that was still on trend with leopard print blouse.  When I saw all the great fur vests, I was regretting not wearing mine, but I’m not sure introducing the dark brown element would have worked as well.

dressed for recording this week’s Sunday Night Wardrobe Planning video with Pamela O’Brien

On Tuesday I enjoyed a relaxed vacation day at home and got to do some writing for this blog and other work on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel.  But in the evening interior designer Pamela O’Brien invited me into her closet to record this week’s wardrobe planning video (see link below).  Natalie had actually put the outfit together as one of my Thanksgiving dinner outfit options, but since I decided to go with the other option, I thought it would be perfect for our video and then dinner afterwards with my oldest son Zack.  I’m loving these chocolate brown coated denim jeans from Jen7 with my new Charles David boots and they definitely kept me weight conscious during dinner!

This Week’s Wardrobe Planning Session with Pamela O’Brien

Wednesday night my big brother made it into town for the holiday so my boyfriend Greg and I met him for dinner at Pappadeaux (wonderful seafood restaurant here in Houston with a cajun flair.)  Stylist Jodi Skorupski encouraged me to try out some bell bottom jeans during my shopping spree with her (see Weekly Wardrobe Planning Volume 1 – Week 22) last month so I decided to pull these jeans from Ann Taylor out of the back of my closet.  I’m still trying to master the partial tuck, but this light sweater is on the shorter side so it seemed to work fairly well with the low cut jeans.  I have to admit, I do like the appearance of curves the bell bottoms add – good call, Jodi!

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day and I went with the comfy option that gave me a little extra room to enjoy the meal.  I do love this green sweater dress and my Stuart Weitzman boots are actually super comfortable even though they are really tall – platforms are your friends when it comes to comfort!  I polled my followers on Instagram, Facebook, this blog, and Twitter to see which way they went on their Thanksgiving attire – comfy with room to eat or snug to encourage consumption control.  My poll didn’t translate too well anywhere except Twitter where 77% of the 247 people who responded said they opted for a looser fit so they could enjoy their meal.

The rest of the week was spent in active wear decorating for Christmas!  I’ll post pictures of my decorations when the final touches are in place.  I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving with family and/or friends honoring your favorite traditions.  Have a wonderful week and enjoy all the great Christmas shopping deals, but more importantly all the fun and heartwarming festivities!


Misty Ann

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