Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 22

Last week stylist Jodi Skorupski took me shopping for the perfect jeans and did we ever find them (click on the following pictures to see our shopping spree video)!  I ended up with three pairs of jeans (dark blue, faded blue and brown coated denim) and all three got worn last week!  And bonus, we also found an amazing plaid flannel shirt that I lived in that weekend.

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Unfortunately, the hunt for denim took up our entire time together which left me to put together outfits for myself again last week, but no complaints!  Here’s how I did…


Monday started the week off raining and chilly by Houston standards.  I originally went with the light sweater on the left which was enough for most of the day indoors, but as I was running out of the door, I remembered the fun duster on the right which actually was kind of nice for those few minutes outside.  I thought the scarf at the waist would be enough to pull together these colors, but it didn’t turn out quite as planned and I forgot to wear my pink patent leather pumps and for some reason went with the nude patent leather Ivanka Trump pumps that were meant for my leopard blouse outfit instead.  All in all this outfit felt alright, but not fabulous although it does get some points for comfort.  These High Waisted Sash Waist Ankle Pants in Deep Teal from Express really do feel like pajamas.

Tuesday I found a great alternative for my File Oct 24, 6 49 15 PMnude pumps in these fabulous platform lace ups from Lamb that have just a small pop of leopard on the tongue.  Monday’s mix up was meant to be because I think these shoes made the outfit.  They are a bit high though so extra caution was needed to navigate slippery walkways in the overcast Houston streets and parking garages.  I also ended up switching out the Brooks Brothers sweater skirt I had planned since it was just too big for a smaller size skirt from Ann Taylor that I never would have dreamed would fit – when in doubt, it always pays to try it on!  The red cardigan from Zara added just the right amount of warmth along with some black tights to make this a fairly comfortable outfit that I felt great in too.

File Oct 24, 6 47 13 PMWednesday I found myself without navy tights and I was a little worried that I might be cold.  I had also tried this outfit with my nude half boots, but in the end I opted for no tights and my navy blue suede t-strap pumps.  The long burgundy cardigan kept me cozy even with the sleeveless Michael Kors dress that I picked up with Dionne during our discount shopping spree at Marshall’s (see Wardrobe Planning Hits & Misses Volume 1 – Week 9).  This skinny blue belt really is on it’s last legs so adding that to the shopping list, but the Wink necklace from Premier Designs that Angela Britt found for me (see Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 12) worked great with this dress along with my Brighton earrings and necklace.  Another comfy outfit that felt pretty good.

Thursday was a big old miss and not the Thursday - Saturdaybest day for it since I was co-hosting a networking happy hour to promote Closet Reboot (although I did get several new subscribers for the Closet Reboot YouTube channel).  I love this Black Flared Top by Galvan that I rented for the 2nd time as part of my Rent The Runway Unlimited plan, but unfortunately I paired it with these Anne Klein pants (see outfit in far left picture) which are just too big for me right now.  Of course hind sight is 20/20 and I realized after I got home that this blouse would have been perfect with my red floral White House Black Market skirt (see outfit in center picture).  This blouse really is fabulous so I thought it deserved a do-over on Saturday night when I paired it with my brand new ankle skinny jeans from JEN7 in brown coated denim that Jodi had me order after our shopping spree.  I love these jeans and they were fabulous with this blouse and my Stuart Weitzman brown suede fringed boots – an outfit worthy of the birthday celebration for my mom (Jackie) and my young cousin Ricki at their new traditional birthday dinner spot State of Grace.

FridayFriday was the maiden voyage for my new JEN 7 Riche Touch skinny jeans.  I love these jeans!  Admittedly, this picture was taken on Sunday after I’d put on a couple of weekend splurge pounds because on Friday I came home from work with a migraine.  Here is how comfortable these jeans are – from approximately 4:30 pm to after 10:00 pm, my time was spent under a blanket in a dark room trying desperately to ride out the headache… still in my jeans.  They may as well have been form fitting pajamas.  Jodi, you rock, chica!  No way would I have bought these on my own and particularly not in the size she insisted I go with which is a size smaller than most of my closet.  A great fitting pair of jeans really does make all the difference!

Saturday during the day, Jennifer saturdayHernandez and I recorded her wardrobe planning video where we styled her for an upcoming conference (click on the picture at the bottom of this post to watch her video).  My third pair of JEN7 skinny jeans made their first appearance in that video – this pair in “Authentic Light Brooklyn”.  I also got to wear my new white Kailey booties from Bleecker and Bond – I’ve gotten compliments on these boots every time I’ve worn them and of course white booties are very much the thing this season!  My black v-neck sweater was cozy when I left in the morning over this long button down from White House Black Market, but totally unnecessary by the time I left with temps climbing up to the 80s from the 50s.  My Kendra Scott favorites rounded out the outfit.

SundayOn Sunday I broke out the boots one more time along with this very summary dress that I’ve been waiting to pair with a sweater for the fall.  This burgundy sweater worked perfectly with the fabric belt from the dress tied around my waist on the outside.  This outfit made it all the way from a mid morning brunch with friends and my boys at Emmaline to a late afternoon neighborhood Halloween party near my mom’s house – how cute are Jackie and her friend Jan that also stopped by to visit my little cousins in their adorable costumes.  More comments on the boots yet again – these were definitely a good purchase!

All in all, this was a good wardrobe week – now I just have to take off the pounds from this weekend to make sure my new jeans all still fit!  In the meantime, do check out my video with Jennifer Hernandez and have a fabulous week!



Misty Ann

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