Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 27

Last week it was interior designer Pamela O’Brien’s turn to get styled in her fabulous closet that she shares with husband John.  Pamela has some interesting challenges as a stylist that caught me a little by surprise so we had our work cut out for us!  You can watch the video from our wardrobe planning session on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel by clicking on the play button below, but read on to see how the outfits actually worked out.

Monday started off with a new blouse that Pamela had picked up.  Here designer eye had already spied this lovely pink vest which picked up the pink flurries in the blouse perfectly.  But, it was my call to go with something light on the bottom rather than the black Pamela was tempted to don.  She dutifully wore the outfit, but reported finding the light weight skirt and the tall boots a little unbalanced.  She did think the blouse and skirt would work together well with sandals in warmer weather – sounds like a winner to me!

Tuesday and Wednesday from the video were swapped due to an added outdoor appointment.  We had some very strange temperatures in Houston last week ranging from extremely chilly by Gulf Coasts standards to downright summer-like in the low 80s on Friday.  Tuesday was still very chilly so this outfit worked great for Pamela’s appointment inside a new construction house which apparently holds the cold all day.  She reported being very glad to get out of her boots at the end of the day after being on her feet from 9 am to 1 pm straight!  The good news is that the turtleneck and scarf kept her toasty and she got another compliment on that fabulous scarf!

Wednesday was this fabulous tapestry dress for which our cameras couldn’t really do justice.  Pamela looks fabulous here which was good since she had some very important meetings.  I have not doubt that she rocked her appointments and wowed any potential clients or partners!  I do like the way the metallic necklace stands out on her dark patterned dress.  And notice she is once again going with a snug vest as opposed to a sleeved jacket to ward off the chill.  More on that in this Thursday’s wardrobe planning quick tip video.

Thursday was Pamela’s snazzy event night where she wore this fabulous jacket.  I love how sleek she looks with the leather skirt and boots.  But what really made me happy was that she finally got to wear this beautiful necklace which had been sitting in her jewelry box for a year unworn since she bought it.  Same story with the earrings and some other complimentary pieces all in transparent stones that work perfectly with Pamela’s coloring.  As mentioned during the video, Pamela does a great job of purchasing pieces that work with her naturally red hair and her fair complexion – she really is the quintessential “Fall” color palette girl.  Fun Fact about our true red headed sisters (unlike the fake ones like me) – they don’t go gray!  How cool (and unfair) is that??

On Friday our warm front came a little early and it was downright hot in Houston.  We picked out an outfit that was never going to work with temperatures that high so Pamela’s scarf knitted lovingly by her mother will have to wait for another day – I’m sure it will come soon since it’s gotten cold again as I type this article.  In the meantime, she went with a much cooler option perfect for a very busy and mobile Friday on her feet.  That champagne looks fabulous – wondering if I have some around here somewhere to celebrate the beginning of the end of 2018 – December!

Last week was challenging for me as it always is when I have to style myself, but I got a little help from Rent the Runway on Monday in this nice loose Black D-Ring Dress by VINCE.  Great option for the Monday after Thanksgiving!  I didn’t have long to recover from my post holiday weight gain though because this past weekend I had my first fashion photo shoot with photographer Tiffany Lanza of Lanza Manage.  Natalie Weakly came over to style me before the shoot and I grabbed one of her photo options for my Wednesday outfit which included my Kate Spade black dress, Tamara Mellon black pumps and Premier Designs necklace.  Embedded below is a video capturing Natalie’s photo styling advice and my lessons learned from the shoot.  Enjoy and have a great week!


Misty Ann

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