Outfit Strategies for Handling the Holiday Meal – Which One Did You Choose?

IMG_0289Ah the day after.  No, not the day after nuclear Armageddon (nod to my fellow early Gen Xers), but the day after a rather large, carbohydrate rich, protein poor (not a fan of turkey) Thanksgiving meal.  Oh let’s face it, my Thanksgiving debauchery started well before Thanksgiving.  It started after a holiday happy hour on Monday with a very large pumpkin pie that was generously given to me as a thank you for attending.  Its been a downward carbohydrate fest spiral from there.  However, holiday wardrobe planning may or may not have played a role in minimizing the weight gain – read on for more.

There are a couple of different philosophies on what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.  One strategy is to wear an outfit that will be comfortable even if you over do it a bit on the stuffing and pumpkin pie.  It is the Thanksgiving feast after all so you want to be able to enjoy it without being made miserable by a tight waistband.  And then there is the other philosophy which goes something like this: the waistband isn’t what is making you miserable, you did this to yourself by overeating.

Stylist Natalie King gave me two IMG_0285options for Thanksgiving attire – one for each philosophy and it was up to me to decide which way to go.  I’ll reveal my choice on Monday in the Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses post, but in the meantime, I’m wondering which way you went and why.  Please visit my Instagram page to vote in my poll if you haven’t already and I’ll post the results in that same Monday blog post.  Or feel free to leave me a comment right here.  In the meant time, enjoy the rest of your week!


Misty Ann

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