My Shoe Storage Solution

Since my last shoe storage post (see Shoe Storage Dilemma Part I), I’ve had a revelation – I don’t actually have that many shoes that need to be displayed.  Well, not right now anyway.  I thought I was going to need a special set of shelves, but as it turns out, I may already have all the space my shoes need thanks to a cool little gadget my friend Dionne turned me on to.  Meet the Creative Shoe Rack Space Saver by Home Living Concept.


IMG_9925This is not a Closet Reboot recommended post yet, but so far so good.  For Dionne, this solution worked a bit better mainly because of her cute little elf feet that require a smaller sized shoe that takes up less horizontal and vertical space when storing.  Dionne was able to use this apparatus to store her shoes facing front instead of with the heels out as my large shoe size forced on me.  No worries, I still have a much better view of my shoes than I did when they were in the boxes.

Let’s talk about the big surprise for me.  The Creative Shoe Rack Space Saver (ugh – we’re calling it the CSRSS for the rest of this post) comes in a pack of 18.  Surely I would need at least 2 packages – right??  I mean, people make bets about how many shoes are in my closet (see Shoe Storage Dilemma Part I).  Or not!  Turns out that at least during the winter months, there are only about 16 shoes that I wear on a regular basis.


There are also several pairs of boots, but not more than will fit on one shelf.  So… the one experimental package of CSRSS that I purchased will likely get me through to next summer (when I’ll break all my sandals back out).  My friends Stacey and Trey will be so disappointed!

My big challenge now is going to be dust control.  Otherwise, this system may actually serve as a better preserver of shoes since I’m forced to look at all the maintenance needed every time I look at my shoe rack.  Nothing like day light to disinfect – Truth!


For more on my shoe storage journey check out my last quick tip video on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel (click on the previous picture).  I’ll keep you posted on how this whole dust thing works out and we’ll revisit the configuration next Spring when I start breaking out the sandals again.  In the meantime, leave me some comments about your shoe storage solutions.


Misty Ann


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