Missing the Stretch

It’s been a while since my last healthy habits post, and YouTube has inspired me to embark on another series.  Two videos in particular have made me miss (a) having flexibility and (b) my bootie.  Staring with the flexibility issue first makes the most sense to me since it’s probably the easiest to tackle and the one least likely to cause an injury hopefully.  So let’s talk about flexibility.

First off, big thank you to Jordan Matter who has a great YouTube channel where he videos dancers.  Often these dancers are suffering or have recently suffered from a terrible medical condition like cancer or ulcerative colitis, but they make these fabulous videos and pose for these beautiful shots anyway.  Jordan also incorporates his own children in the videos and they are absolutely delightful and inspirational to watch.

market officer pose

posing with my fellow Memorial Markette officers front row from left to right (Kelly Mathews Gerber, Diana Collins, Becky O’Rourke) back row from the left (Jennifer Wood, me, Kelly Nanna, Tiffany Wharton

Jordan often captures his subjects in poses that display their incredible flexibility not to mention grace.  My mom Jackie was incredibly flexible as a child – she could stand with her feet shoulder width apart and then flop her head backwards from a standing position and bend her back far enough to pick up a handkerchief positioned on the floor midway between her feet with her teeth.  Once upon a time during my high school drill team days, I was also known for my flexibility which stayed with me for many years.  Lately though, not so much and I really miss it.

So my end of 2018 challenge will be to increase my flexibility through daily stretching and maybe a bit of hot yoga when I can fit it in.  Video may lend itself a bit better to illustrating this process so that is how I intend to document it.  Wish me luck and please do share any secrets you have for regaining your flexibility with me in a comment.  Also, please do check out the links to Jordan’s YouTube channel – time watching his inspirational videos is well spent!


Misty Ann

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