Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 24

Last week I reviewed all my wardrobe planning videos to date to look for my favorite tips to plan my wardrobe for the week.  Creating a best of video was a lot harder than I imagined it would be, but it was a lot of fun too.  Click on the picture below to view my best of video on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel (please don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe if you have not already while you’re there) and continue reading to see how my planning worked out.


MondayMonday was a disaster. There was nothing wrong with the outfit – great combination actually.  No, the fit was the issue.  As much as I love White House Black Market, these pants were a disaster.  They stretched out to a point that they looked awful about 1 hour into my day and I should have known that was coming from past experience.  I just loved this look so much that I wanted to give it another try.  The colors were great and Joe’s scarf really saved me because it hid some of the ill fitting pants or at least distracted a little attention away from them.  I really do need to hit the squats again so I build up enough butt to start filling out my pants again.

Tuesday I went with Natalie Weakly’s inspired Tuesdayoutfit.  I have to admit, this look worked better with the navy blue skirt Natalie paired it with – somehow the black pants just didn’t work as well.  I’m thinking the skinny belt around my jacket just doesn’t have the same effect with pants as with a skirt.  what I did like better was being able to wear my Gucci shoes which I don’t wear nearly enough.  The earrings were still good and I was also able to incorporate my giraffe pattern bag from Dooney and Bourke.  I’m wondering if the color too made a difference.  Normally I think of navy and black as interchangeable, but I think the navy worked better in this scenario.  It wasn’t totally awful however so I’ll cut myself a little slack.

WednesdayWednesday, was the day I went with the Jodi Skorupski inspired look using a scarf for my blouse.  Honestly I think this would have worked much better with the darker green pants actually called “deep teal” by Express.  But, it was fun getting another opportunity to sport my pink blazer from Banana Republic and pink patent leather shoes from J. Renee.  I was also glad to wear this beautiful scarf which has rarely seen the light of day in past decade (or two?) since I purchased it.  But, this outfit says “Spring” more than “Fall” to me.  I’m struggling with pastels in the winter, maybe those colors only work with more wintry fabrics.

Thursday I was going to wear a Rent the ThursdayRunway Unlimited piece, but after finding some colder weather inspiration for my last shipment, I decided to <gasp> bump up my Friday jeans outfit to Thursday.  My client has implemented a jeans any day policy so my Friday jeans rule is actually self imposed.   No one said anything so I’m thinking I’m good.  I went with my new Jen7 dark blue jeans paired with the animal print blouse that I acquired through my most recent Marshall’s haul.  These Ivanka Trump pumps where perfect to balance the casual jeans and my oversized Context blazer.  I also went with my dressier David Yurman chain and smokey quartz pendant, bracelet and earrings to dress things up a bit.

0F80DA9A-365F-4C81-A80E-3D15C25843CFOn Friday, I added a last minute Rent the Runway piece which worked perfectly with the change in weather.  I actually love these Diane von Furstenberg Paisley Skinny Pants and I guess I was wrong about paisley being out this season in my comments about the scarf I chose for Tuesday (see my video).   I struggled a bit with how to pair them though.  I actually went with the option on the fart left- white jacket from Vince Camuto, partially tucked blue sweater and black suede booties.  But I considered the waist belted option as well as my white booties.  With my white booties, I thought my pearls made more sense than the Wink necklace that I actually wore.  What are your thoughts?

This was a laid back weekend, but I did get Saturday nighta rare photo opportunity with my 15-year-old on Saturday night.  Check out this new charcoal gray suit from Men’s Warehouse – is he handsome or what?  He was off to his homecoming dance and I was off to celebrate a friend I recently lost (see Weekly Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 11) by viewing Bohemian Rhapsody with some mutual friends – Queen was one of his favorite bands.  The movie was emotional, wonderful, and nostalgic – I highly recommend it!  I went with this comfy gray knit dress from Athleta and some black suede leggings.  I added a purple turtle neck for some extra warmth since that cold snap seems to be sticking around and finished the outfit with my favorite Michael Kors purple booties and my long black leather necklace acquired last summer in Montreal.

Next week is looking pretty cool here in Houston too so we put my friend Dionne in some colder weather options this weekend during her wardrobe planning video.  You can check out a preview to her post Hurricane Harvey closet renovation as well as the outfits we put together on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel by clicking the picture below.


In the meantime have a fabulous week, fashionistas!


Misty Ann

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