Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 23

The week of Halloween – the start of the bad eating season soon to be followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas, New Years Eve with a Valentine’s Day finale – yikes!  I’m not  proud to say that I did not start this dangerous food season off well since I consumed way too much chocolate not to mention my mom’s birthday desert on Sunday.  Bad Girl!  Hang tough, fashionistas – think I’ll post some strategies for coping with the rest of the holidays later in the week.

In the meantime, let’s chat about my friend Jennifer Hernandez, fabulous fashionista and VP of Legacy Mutual Mortgage.  A week ago, I helped her choose outfits for an upcoming conference (click on the picture below to see our video).  Her conference is not until next week so we’ll have to wait to see the actual pictures, but we’ll go through the ones we took in her closet and show more in a supplemental post after the conference.


Jen with kimono.jpegFor her first night, Jen wanted to make a good impression, but still be comfortable and approachable.  With lows in the 50s, we thought this ensemble would work well.  The top is a mid weight sweater with a bit of bling in the yarn for a nice subtle sparkle.  But this kimono was my favorite part of the outfit.  It has a slight texture to it that is hard to see in the picture, but provides not only a beautiful pattern, but a bit extra warmth.  The black flowy pants are comfortable and provide a nice basic backdrop for the colorful kimono and bling sweater.  We went with a toned down gold metallic necklace to dress up the outfit a bit along with this darling ring Jen had and some simple earrings to carry the gold theme.  Gold sandals with a slight iridescent gold metallic fabric picked up the sweater vibe and bonus, Jen says they are super comfortable – perfect for a conference opening night when she’ll surely be on her feet working the crowd as Jen does so well!

On opening day, Jen will be wearing this File Nov 05, 8 01 49 AMlovely navy and blush dress.  We’ll have to wait for the conference to see how it looks on her, but I wanted to give you a closer look at this fabulous necklace!  Jen said that she doesn’t often wear this necklace but to me it looked perfect with this dress which provides a great backdrop for some fabulous accessories.  We also added the snake skin belt and sandals which Jen mentioned she would have never thought to put with this dress.  Just to make sure I wasn’t completely off base, we asked her husband Fernando for a  second opinion and he totally concurred.  We completed the outfit with very simple gold bangles and hoop earrings since the necklace was such a statement piece.  I can’t wait to see how she looks!

Jen in pink lace dusterFor Day 2, we started with this fabulous fuchsia duster which will add interest and length, but not suffocate Jen during the Arizona day time heat.  The duster has such a lovely intricate pattern that I wanted to showcase it with monochrome.  We went with this simple winter white peasant blouse and a subtle patterned winter white pencil skirt.  We were also able to re-use the snake skin sandals which is so important when conserving on suit case space.  Apparently these sandals too are especially comfortable which again is very important at a conference where Jennifer will be doing a lot of schmoozing and moving up and down the stage as she introduces speakers and participate on panels.  For jewelry we played off the winter white with pearl based pieces – is this bracelet not the bomb?  And the ring!!!  She will be stunning!

Finally on her last night which is Jen in jeansmore casual, we got to use the leopard shoes I spotted the second I stepped foot in her fabulous closet.  We went with jeans, but dressed them up slightly with this taupe blouse that has an elegant sheen to it and some fun black jewelry.  I loved the bracelet which also has a bit of bling going.  With her thick black hair, Jen is one of the few women I know that can rock a short hair cut which means fabulous earrings always look great on her!  For the final touch we added this thin linen vest to pull together the jewelry and also pick up the black from the leopard shoes.  Meow, Girlfriend!

I know Jen will have a great conference and make some great connections to add to her already impressive address book.  Not only is Jen an incredibly knowledgeable mortgage broker, she is a great networker and leader.  Every Tuesday Jen sends out a great video with tips on everything from networking, to running your business, to self improvement.  Definitely check out her YouTube channel and/or her website to learn more.

weekly compositeAs for me, last week was a four day work week for me and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner Saturday night with my boys and mom for her birthday.  Most of these outfits will look familiar from past weeks with two notable exceptions.  On Tuesday I wore my effortless slim boot cut pants in ecru from White House Black Market with the rust colored Calvin Klein blouse I got during my last Mashall’s haul.  But what really made the outfit was the last minute addition of this large leopard scarf from Stella and Dot.  I tied it at the corners and wore it like a duster with the result of 3 total strangers calling out to me in the tunnel to tell me how much they liked my outfit – score!  The other outlier is the Red Panel Dress by Theory I wore on Thursday which is another Rent the Runway Unlimited item.  I used the Premier Designs Harper necklace as a belt – a trick Jamie Bisel showed me last summer (see Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume I – Week 6).  I also got to wear my nude Charles David boots and an old favorite scarf.

For this week’s outfits I used inspiration from the guest stylists that have been in my closet over the past 23 weeks.  Check out my wardrobe planning video on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel by clicking on the picture below.


As always, I welcome your comments here or on YouTube as well as your subscriptions and likes!  In the meantime, Have a a fabulous week, Fashionistas!


Misty Ann

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