Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 31

Last week my weekly wardrobe planning was put on hold for an interview with Lori Inman of Flora + Mia, an in home clothier here in Houston, TX. You can learn more about in home personal styling and shopping with Fora + Misa by clicking the play button on the following picture.

VIP Personal Styling & Shopping Experience Courtesy of Flora + Mia

I wasn’t sure what I would post this week since we didn’t actually style any outfits in our video, but Francine from the YouTube Closet Reboot community offered some great suggestions in her follow up questions to my interview. So here is our Q & A:

Question (Francine): So how does this in home styling work – do thy bring you your style or colors that you request?

Answer (Misty Ann): I will be posting a video in the next week or two with more of my interview with Lori. In the meantime, here are the basics. 

Lori or her partner Luisa will interview their client before the session to learn more about their needs e.g.

  • are you a working woman
  • is your work environment business casual or more conservative
  • do you stay home with small children
  • are you retired
  • do you attend garden club or charity luncheons, etc. 

Lori also payed attention to my coloring and brought outfits that she thought would work well with my red hair and skin tone – I’m basically a Fall. 

Question (Francine): Do you have to buy all or just want you want?

Answer (Misty Ann): Flora + Mia charges a very small hourly rate to work with clients on closet edits with their existing clothes and I believe a small traveling fee if they are just bringing new outfits for the client.  You are under no obligation to purchase anything.  They want clients to try things on and they want to see how the client looks and more importantly feels in the garments.

Question (Francine): Last but not least what did you end up buying?

Answer (Misty Ann): Nada as in “nothing”. I’m about 5 pounds over my prime weight right now from all this holiday indulgence which means about a dress size so I’m waiting until later in January when I’ve taken those pounds off to purchase anything new. But watch out for my next video with Lori and her partner Luisa because I will definitely do some damage in that one!

Since I hate to leave you with no photos this week, I do have a few from my trip to Georgetown courtesy of my brother Bill Hibbler – note my Christmas haul is well represented here with this awesome District PrimaLoft® Parka from Athleta (seriously, I love this jacket!), my Liny Xin Women’s Cashmere Knitted Turtleneck Long Sleeve Winter Wool Pullover Long Sweater Dresses Top, and the awesome Steve Madden Women’s Gorgeous Boots in Taupe.

The following is a link to my final wardrobe planning video for 2018 which leads to my first week of work in 2019.

Wardrobe Planning after Holiday Overindulgence

Thank you so much for reading and all your support in 2018! Happy New Year and may you have a healthy and prosperous 2019!


Misty Ann

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