Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 19

Ugh!  Back to planning my own wardrobe this week and same for next two weeks!  Yikes – I’m really having to up my game!  This was a rough week too because I was coming off a nasty migraine headache from last Sunday followed by a week of constant sinus headaches and still not feeling great.  But, with a very busy work week and several personal commitments, I had to put on my big girl panties and get er done!  Here’s how the week went down.

1EE0FA39-B415-4511-90E7-3BC4365237C2For Monday I decided to go with a slight variation to an outfit that Jamie Bisel styled for me back in July (see Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 6).  The main change was to add this tan colored cardigan which not only kept me warm in my frigid office, but effectively hid the exposed elastic waistband in the back portion of the pants that has always made me a little uncomfortable to show.  I also substituted these earrings from Creations Lucie Jolicoeur that I picked up on my trip to Montreal last spring.  I loved my Indian earrings with it too, but this color match seemed too good to pass up.  Learning from last week, I opted to skip the necklace.

Tuesday I decided to take a page from my File Oct 02, 9 29 16 PMplanning session in Leela Madan’s closet last month (see Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 17) and purchase these super comfortable pants from Express (see High Waisted Sash Waist Ankle Pant).  Leela got them in “Madan Law” blue, so I went with the “deep teal” color (which looks more like jade green to me).  I have to admit that I felt like this might be a miss outfit – just didn’t feel that great to me even if it was super comfortable.  But, when I was walking downtown to meet a friend after work, I bumped into this super cute 30 something lady walking her dog that called out to me how amazing she thought I looked and how my outfit looked really put together.  Wow!  You can’t beat affirmation from a total stranger.

File Oct 03, 9 04 37 PMWednesday was interesting.  I felt like I was a little over my ideal weight and could probably make my Etc. winter white pants work even though normally they are a little big.  But shortly after I got to work I noticed they were super baggy and not at all attractive.  Since Thais Amaral Tellawi and I were scheduled to record her wardrobe planning video that night, I made an emergency stop on the way at Black House White Market to pick up these replacement pants (see Effortless Slim Bootcut Pants in Ecru) which worked much better.  I thought about going with one of the regular slim or cropped styles, but for a light color like this one, I thought the elongated leg would work better.  I do like this black and silver herringbone pattern top from Etc. that I’ve had for several years.  It’s a pretty busy top, but I liked how this “Get Noticed” necklace from Premier Designs worked with the front cowl so I wore it anyway.

Thursday was rough.  I wasn’t feeling great File Oct 06, 11 39 10 PMwhen I woke up so I opted not to go with the Black Flared Top by Galvan that was in my last Rent the Runway Unlimited shipment since it’s fairly fitted and not super comfortable. Unfortunately, I had not planned a backup outfit so it took me a good 15 minutes extra to put something else together – wardrobe planning really does help save time in the mornings.  I love what I ended up with though – my favorite pink button down with this lovely white and navy cardigan my brother gave me last year for Christmas (both from White House Black Market) paired with navy pants and my favorite pink patent pumps from J Renee.  Unfortunately, I didn’t last much over an hour at work and just barely made it home from the pharmacy with a splitting headache.  Such a waste of a great outfit not to mention time!

File Oct 06, 11 47 29 PMFortunately the steroid that my awesome physician called in for me kicked in around early afternoon and I was not only able to get some work done from home, but felt much better when I woke up on Friday.  I hadn’t planned to go into the office since this was supposed to be my Friday off (we work a 980 schedule at my current client) so I put something together quickly before I turned in on Thursday night.  These khaki pants are not my favorite, but I didn’t want to wear jeans again and they are fairly casual.  I wore them with my Cole Haan black patent flats, a simple white tee shirt from White House Black Market and my Brooks Brothers black blazer.  But look how much cuter they look with these Jessica Simpson red suede pumps and this red polka dot scarf I received in my leadership box.  Hind site…

I ended up taking it pretty easy this weekend File Oct 06, 11 56 01 PMhaving to miss a birthday party for a dear friend that I was really looking forward to.  Still suffering from sinus headaches as I type this post.  I did venture out for a couple of hours Friday night to the Greek Festival – its not quite as much fun when avoiding beer or wine – they had some great bottles available there!  But I really enjoyed wearing this denim dress by Easel that I picked up on my trip to Cuero, TX with Anne Morrison to visit our buddy Debbie Rath and her family.  And, my brand new white Bleeker and Bond booties won me another compliment from a total stranger who wanted to know where I got them and what brand they were.  Saturday I went for a casual look with my cargo pants from Boston Proper and denim jacket from Banana Republic while getting my nails done and at lunch with an old friend who was in town for the weekend.  Since I also got a pedicure, I opted for my Steve Madden slides when normally I probably would have tossed on my not-so-white-anymore Chuck Taylors.

As of 10:00 pm on Sunday night, I’ve only got one outfit planned for next week so I’ll get the rest together tonight (Monday night).  In the meantime, do check out this week’s wardrobe planning video on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel (click picture below to watch) with estate attorney and fabulous fashionista Thais Amaral Tellawi.  Thais and her husband Saeed welcomed their beautiful baby girl Sasha to the world earlier this year so she is dealing with a diminished wardrobe until she can take off those last few pregnancy pounds.  Check out how I helped style her for this week and let us know your postpartum wardrobe coping secrets.


Have a great week!


Misty Ann

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