Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 – Week 18

Where did last week go – what a whirlwind!  It’s weeks like the last one that make me truly grateful for my wardrobe planning buddies and weeks like this one that make me mournful for not having one!  In the meantime let’s see how my buddy and fabulous fashionista Shelly Buchman Pesterfield and I did putting together power outfits for a business casual environment (click on the picture below to watch our YouTube video).

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Purple David Peck tunicOn Monday I opted for the purple David Peck tunic and my black White House Black Market pants. I wore this outfit as Shelly suggested without the belt (see center picture), but included a picture with it belted since we received a comment on YouTube suggesting it.  I actually do normally belt this tunic, but I was good with wearing it without the belt too.  What really made the out fit was the Michael Kors purple booties though – these are still my favorite booties!  Shelly had suggested minimal jewelry, but I remembered the purple stone necklace that my grandmother gave me (originally a gift to her from my great Uncle Ben) and it worked nicely without overpowering the ensemble since it is fairly small.

Tuesday I wore my brown Ann Taylor File Sep 26, 10 16 47 PMpencil skirt with my White House Black Market white oxford tunic and a patterned cardigan from Lord & Taylor (yes, it’s really old).  This time Shelly did suggest I belt the tunic and I thought it worked really well!  I had to do some walking outside that day so the cardigan did have to come off in the hot Houston weather.  I was thinking that might make the outfit a bit too plain, but actually, I think it worked that way too.  With my nude Ivanka Trump pumps, this outfit was the essence of that elegant look Shelly recommended as the quintessential power outfit.  The Coco Chanel quote channeled through Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl, “Dress shabbily, they remember the dress.  Dress impeccably, they remember the woman,” comes to mind!  Shelly also kept the jewelry simple with this outfit having me wear my David Yurman necklace not only without a pendant, but latch side forward.

green sweater outfitsWednesday was probably my favorite outfit for the week.  I love this quirky green sweater that I picked up a few years ago from MaxStudio, but I’m often a little befuddled about how to wear it.  Usually, I wear it as a dress (right two pictures), but it’s not at all an appropriate length for work.  Shelly had me hike it up as a tunic and wear it with my khaki White House Black Market pants.  Adding this scarf which I love, but also rarely wear helped me deal with the neckline which tends to fall off one shoulder and also really brought the colors together.  And my Steve Madden shoe-booties gave the outfit that final finishing touch – again, very minimal jewelry needed.  Sometimes when I find myself struggling with what jewelry to wear, it’s often because none is needed – that was certainly the case with this outfit since it already had so much going on with the big scarf (see wardrobe planning quick tips video).

Thursday I mixed things up slightly from black tan white geo pattern dresswhat we put together in the video.  I stuck with my White House Black Market geometric dress and my long flowing black cardigan, but I added a belt at the waist.  When I actually put the outfit on Thursday morning, it just felt like it was missing that finishing touch.  Pictured is the black belt that originally came with the dress and I wore it that way to work.  But, in the bathroom, I got the idea to transfer the belt outside the cardigan and I actually like the way it worked.  Natalie Weakly had mentioned to me a few weeks ago that this dress really is a bit dated at this point so moving the belt to the outside incorporated the cardigan more into the outfit and the bell sleeve gave it that little update.  Shelly was absolutely right to have me stick with the simple long Kendra Scott necklace and I really liked the way my black patent mary jane pumps finished out the look.

Friday jeansFriday I once again went with my son Seth’s outgrown blue denim Gap jeans, but this time Shelly paired them with a simple black t-shirt from White House Black Market and my Brooks Brothers black knit jacket.  I would never have thought to put a black t-shirt under that jacket, but I loved the look especially when Shelly added one of my favorite black, pink and white floral scarves from last summer.  My black suede booties finished out the look.  Notice I once again went without a necklace because the scarf seemed like enough on its own and even my earrings were very small and understated.  Another elegant outfit that was comfortable to wear, yet felt powerful!  A big thank you to Shelly who helped me keep my wardrobe simple and comfortable, yet sophisticated and powerful all at the same time!

This weekend was my much neglected boyfriend Greg’s birthday so I decided to take a week off from my wardrobe planning videos to help him and his adorable (not to mention exceedingly well preserved) great aunt who is turning 90 celebrate.  Sunday night wardrobe planning will be back this Sunday though with my good friend and fabulous fashionista Thais Amaral Tellawi so please join us and in the meantime, have a great week!


Misty Ann

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