September Healthy Habit Challenge – Week 2 Results

Last week I struggled with my new healthy planks-in-the-morning habit, but this week – I hit the last 5 out of 7 days so we’ll call that a success.  Big thank you to my cousin Beverly and my good friend Anne Morrison who both held me accountable!  Ultimately, between the friendly reminders and changing my iPhone wallpaper, I got the memory jag I needed to get it done.  Another thank you to Anne for sending me some additional great back exercises to add to my routine.

Desani Water

So, for this week I’m going to commit to two things because I have to double up to make up for last week’s redo and because the two things I’ve picked sort of go together.  I’m going to up my water game – going for 50 ounces per day.  Yes, I know that 64 ounces per day is recommended, but I’m doing good to get one of these liter bottles and another 16 ounce bottle down – to me that big bottle is towering!

My second goal is to remember to take my Relief Factor vitamin pack once per day after breakfast.  These are supposed to be fabulous for those of us with chronic pain so I really want to give them a try.  My issue in the past has been heart burn when I take them, but I’m hoping with additional water intake and after breakfast timing, I can overcome that hurtle.  It should take about 3 or 4 weeks to see if Relief Factor works for me so I’ll report back after that.

In the meantime, wish me luck and let me know about your healthy habits!

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