Chasing Your Dreams, Rebooting Your Closet …and Everything In Between

What do adult attachment to stuffed animals, your grandmother’s advice, Cheeto dust, chasing your dream, and really cool people that don’t know they’re cool have in common?  If you are at all curious, I have the podcast for you!

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of recording a guest spot on the “And Everything In Between” podcast with Alex, Jess & Bennie.  These actors and Austin locals were so enthusiastic, eloquent, and just plain fun to talk with – what a great note to end the week!  Their show is new, but off to a great start with their chasing-your-dream theme and highly enlightening (not to mention amusing) “Bro Tips.”  If you are looking for something entertaining and funny, but also inspiring to listen to on your morning commute or during your evening walk or just anytime you feel like smiling, do check them out!  You can find the “And Anything In Between” podcast on iTunes and let me know what you think of Episode 6 (that’s the one where I chime in about why I’m rebooting my closet on YouTube).

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