My Favorite Beauty YouTubers & Bloggers

Since I’ve started down this Closet Reboot path, I’ve rediscovered makeup – partly because statement makeup seems to be seriously in vogue right now.  When I mentioned to my mother than I’d like the Tartiest palette for Hanukkah because makeup is back in fashion (and Anna Bankester recommended it), Mom replied that she was well aware of the trend.  Jackie (my mom) is always ahead of me on the latest trends – she’s just that much cooler than her daughter.  But, I digress.  Really, I stumbled onto this whole make up Renaissance through my attempt to connect with bloggers and YouTubers in a related genre to Closet-Reboot.

After the last filming for my YouTube channel, my camera man/Director/brother (Bill Hibbler) gave me some suggestions about my makeup.  Yes, my very straight baby boomer brother is giving me makeup advice (he got mom’s cool gene).  Obviously I really need help!  So, in the last few weeks, I’ve been visiting Sephora and the Channel counter at Macy’s not to mention spending some quality time observing beauty YouTubers and reading posts by beauty bloggers of all ages to see how it’s supposed to be done.  The result has been less sleep since it takes me longer to put my makeup on in the morning not to mention funds being diverted to makeup experimentation.  But in the long run, I’m thinking its going to pay off so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite blogger/vloggers with you.

The Vlogger/Bloggers

Dominique Sachse – I actually went to high school with this gorgeous chick (she’s a year Dominique Sachesayounger than me), but I don’t think we knew each other back then.  Well, I know who she is now because she’s been an anchor on the local NBC news in Houston, Texas not to mention very visible in the non-profit scene here for years.  Dominique is a beautiful lady and a lot of fun to watch!  Her tutorials are easy to follow and I’ve purchased a few of the products she recommends (check out the Nix contour palette).

MathiasMathias Alan – I just recently discovered Mathias who works with a lot of women in their 40s and up.  It really is a different ball game when you start dealing with middle aged skin, so I’ve enjoyed some of the great tips in Mathias’s YouTube videos.  Check out his Beauty Tutorials for mature women.  Makes me wish I lived on the West Coast so I could get a private consult with Mathias.  I’ve got a few of his recommended products on my wish list – will keep you posted!

SugarPuffAndFluffNisha (SugarPuffAndFluff) – Nisha caught my attention with her vlog about hooded eyes – wow, did she ever rock those “hooded eyes”!  Nisha is another life after 40 vlogger and girlfriend looks amazing!  Plus she has an adorable accent (although totally understandable) and a lovely keep-it-real style.

Christen DominiqueChristen Dominique – Christen did an awesome vlog on Eye Shadow Dos and Don’ts.  This was soooo helpful and of course I was doing a ton of the “don’ts”.  I find these type of videos so helpful – sometimes you learn more from mistakes than from getting it right.  Christen is young and beautiful, but I still picked up some great tips from her and her eyes look fabulous in this video!

BeeBeautyAnna Bankester – A self described “southern gothic beauty”, Anna is just fun to follow.  She’s my guilty pleasure.  As a fairly happy-go-lucky kind of gal, I’m hardly goth.  But when it comes time to click on one of the many posts that show up in my reader every morning, more often than not, I find myself checking out Bee Beauty by Anna.  Her eyes are gorgeous and Lord how I envy those fabulous cheek bones!  But really, she’s just fun to read and she does a great job reviewing products.  Fingers crossed Jackie found that Tartiest Pro Vault on QVC for me!

Mrs TMrs. T – She’s younger than me; with a 4 year old at her home, she’s in a different phase of life from me; and with her young smooth skin, she can get away with stuff that I can’t.  But I love her signature winged eye makeup, I love how she keeps it real, and fellow Audrey Hepburn fans are always fun!  I think her eyes are a similar shape to mine and I find its helpful to follow bloggers/vloggers who have similar features to me if I’m going to attempt to learn from them.

On that note, there are some gorgeous fabulous beauty YouTubers and bloggers out there who I did not mention even though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their posts.  But I’m never going to have their eye shape, square jaw, well defined nose, or possibly their luscious pigmented skin.  With only so many hours in the day, I find it helpful to narrow down my list of regulars to vloggers/bloggers I can relate to physically, chronologically, or psychologically in some way.

Coming Soon…

As part of my adventures in makeup research, I’ve run across a lot of terms that are new to me – sometimes it feels like a different language.  To that end, I’m working on a “Beauty Blogger Dictionary” post.  I’ve also been researching makeup brushes and getting some good scoop from my Instagram pals.  Look for those posts soon along with my big announcement about which personal stylist I’ve chosen to work with after my stylist interviews last summer.  I also just had the honor of being a guest on the And Everything In Between podcast.  Alex, Jess and Bennie are three very fun, very cool actors in Austin, Tx and they were so awesome to chat with!  That episode goes live tomorrow so I’ll post the link shortly after.  Stay tuned and in the meantime, tell me about your favorite beauty bloggers/vloggers in a comment.



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