Skincare Oils That Don’t Feel Oily – Wait, What?

I grew up being super oily.  Oily hair.  Oily skin.  Oily!  Yuck!  It was a constant battle to keep all that oil under control. Other than during pregnancy, my hair required daily washing well into my 40s and occasional break-outs were always an issue.  Then all of the sudden out of no where, it all stopped and I’m now faced with something completely foreign to me – dry hair and dry skin.  We’ll deal with hair another day, but let’s talk about that dry skin issue.

I moved into my current home a little over five years ago and not long after, the Waldrons moved in down the street.  In addition to being a lovely neighbor, Christiane is also a skincare expert and founder of her own skincare product line, Jenetiqa.  The timing could not have been more perfect!  When I told Christiane about my new dry skin issues, she recommended her Night Beauty oil and I just about fell over.  She wanted me to put oil on my face!  After all these years of trying to get rid of it!

Christiane is a very successful engineer and I have some history in that industry, which has given me a healthy respect for chemical engineers.  She is also a a very beautiful woman with absolutely fabulous skin.  So when Christiane told me to put oil on my face, I listened and boy am I glad I did!  I started with her Night Beauty oil and was amazed at how soft my skin felt in the mornings.  Yet it didn’t feel oily either.  Then she introduced her day time oil and that felt even less oily on my skin, but still makes it feel smooth and silky not to mention how easily foundation glides on.  I’ve since started using her neck oil as well.  Who knew oil could feel so good?

I’m careful about recommending skincare products because I think it takes  a while to know what is really working.  But, these oils really are amazing.  In full disclosure, I’m not getting any compensation for writing this review or for the videos that Christiane and I recorded together.  I’m writing this post because I believe in these products and I’m still kind of amazed that I actually put oil on my skin twice a day and yet, don’t feel oily.  You can learn more about Jenetiqa and Christiaen’s oils on her website (click here) or from our videos (see thumbnail below for my skincare play list).  If you decide to try her products, please come back and let me know what you think.


Misty Ann

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