Closet Reboot Recommended: Miss Pettigrew Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers

Earlier this year my beauty blogging friend Leah Schulz a.k.a. Miss Pettigrew released her rose quartz and jade roller set on Amazon.  I was intrigued by her videos describing the benefits of using the rollers so I decided to purchase a set. Something to keep in mind while reading this post: I am not receiving and financial incentive from Leah to publish this post nor did Leah ask me to write it.

Because I suffer from migraines, what really excited me about the rollers was the idea of releasing toxins by using the rollers to massage over sinus passages and above the bridge of your nose. Let’s cut to the chase – I think its helping!

Several benefits of using the rollers are listed on the label (see below) and in Leah’s

IMG_4619YouTube videos (see How to Use Jade Roller + Rose Quartz Roller Video Review & Tutorial).  I was intrigued by the 4th point in the label pictured above: “promote lymphatic drainage”.  I recently watched a video on YouTube about using pressure points to relieve headaches (you can view it from my skincare playlist on YouTube here) so I thought these rollers might be a great way to implement that technique.  While I can’t say using them twice daily has eliminated my migraines, I do feel like the technique has helped lessen the severity and frequency.  And having the roller set next to my bed during migraines has been comforting.  I find that rolling the cool quartz firmly over my temple does seem to give me some relief.

I’m a big believer in anything that helps with blood circulation and keeping things moving in your body – it just make sense.  If you think about other recent trends like using fascia rollers to break up cellulite, this idea of breaking down toxins under the skin surface seems to be a theme.  Old family lure has it that my great grandmother Rosie used to use a rolling pin on her legs in the bath tub – she stayed healthy well into old age and always looked fabulous so there just may be something to it.

I’ve purchased these rollers as gifts for both my mother and a client that suffers from migraines as well – at a minimum they are lovely and a little something different for the beauty product lover in your life.  However, if they can grant even a littler relief to someone suffering from a nasty headache, then I’d say they are well worth the rather inexpensive price of $12.98.  If you decide to check them out, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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