Wardrobe Planning Hits and Misses Volume 1 Week 7

Last week I had so much fun putting together outfits with my fellow Misti (with and “i” instead of a “y”).  Misti Pace Krahl is the founder of The Mommie Series here in Houston and coming soon to San Antonio, Texas as well, but she is also a former stylist and it shows!  Not only does Misti always look fabulous, but she includes a fashion segment in every quarterly edition of the Mommie Series.  Check out my previous blogs posts on the Mommie Series for more information and definitely try to attend one if you get the opportunity!

For our theme this week, we talked about how we usually decide what to wear particularly to an event.   The go to for both of us was to text a friend.  But, Misti also mentioned internet searches.  How have I never thought of this – its like texting a gazillion friends only better because you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings if you don’t follow their recommendation.  So lets get into the outfits Misti picked.

File Jul 16, 7 12 59 PM For Monday I decided it was time to finally wear a pair of jeans.  I had to fight a lot of programming to wear jeans to the office on a Monday even if they are white.  But, this client recently changed their dress code and most of the people on my teams gladly embraced the new guidelines so I decided to show my support.  We googled “white jeans business casual” and saw a lot of blazers and heals.  So we went with this Anne Klein blouse and jacket along with the Tamara Mellon pumps to dress up my jeans which definitely made me feel better.  Not wearing a necklace felt a little weird too, but Misti said it wasn’t necessary since there was so much going on with the pattern in the blouse and with the jacket collar pulled up.  Looking at the picture, she seems correct.  And, I have to admit, this outfit felt great!

Tuesday was pink blazer day and jury duty File Jul 16, 7 27 44 PMin the afternoon.  We saw a lot of pink mixed with navy and denim, but since Monday was jeans day, we drifted toward the skirt pictures.  Misti originally reached for the navy blue skirt, but then she spotted my brown leather skirt and changed direction.  She liked the idea of the draped white blouse hanging over the jacket paired with my Gucci peep toe pumps.  But, Misti left out the blue skirt too and advised me to go with the one that felt right in the morning.  I so should have listened!  I just loved the look of the pink jacket with the neutral brown leather which seems to be in right now, but I was regretting the skirt by the time I left the house.  As mentioned in my video, this skirt is almost 30 years old and although it fits most of my body, its definitely snug in the waist right now.  I tried the navy on when I got home just to see how it would have worked and I liked it just as well if not better.  Lesson learned – listen to Misti!

IMG_2024And then we got lost in my closet and completely forgot about the internet search rule for my other outfits.  I ended up having to go into the office after all on Wednesday so my Thursday outfit got moved up.  One of the big success factors my stylists have all asked about is whether or not I got compliments on the outfits they put together.  Bingo on Wednesday!  As I got on the elevator to  head up to my office, this very stylish lady gushed about how chic I looked and insisted I needed to at least go out for a glass of wine after work and not waste the outfit just on the job.  I got another compliment on the Stuart Weitzman shoes at lunch time from a lady passing me in the hall.  Wearing my David Yurman necklace without a pendant felt a little awkward to me, but it worked with the neckline of this sweater for sure and how can you argue with an outfit that earned my girl Misti a compliment?  And, bonus, my edgy sandals didn’t even make my feet hurt at the end of the day!

Thursday was a surprise supplemental office day File Jul 15, 7 13 59 PMso I was short one work outfit which meant putting one together myself – Yikes!  I decided to go out on a limb and try a jacket that Jamie Bisel attempted to use in an outfit when we were filming with Amy Davis for the KPRC News Today program (our segments are airing this week).  The jacket didn’t look right to her and it turns out there is a reason why!  I went on and wore it with a light pallet, but really this outfit washes me out and the jacket is just too big.  I considered taking the jacket to the tailor, but there are a few light stains and some wearing on the piping so it is definitely going in the Good Will pile.  Note to self: listen to Jamie!  It was fun wearing my Ballin shoes though!  These old girls were acquired on a trip to Rome with my younger cousin 17 years ago.  They need some love, but I just haven’t been able to part with them.

IMG_2417Friday night I had dinner with my mom, brother, and son.  Since we filmed next week’s wardrobe planning video that morning, I wasn’t on my own for getting dressed.  Jodi Skorupski of Style Success hooked me up with the outfit I wore for our video and dinner.  These jeans from Miss Me aren’t really on trend – they have the bling pockets that were in a couple of years ago and they don’t have the distressed ankles.  But I love them and Jodi pointed out – I’m a bling girl so nothing wrong with owning it.  These Chinese Laundry sandals are actually in the running for an outfit next week – I haven’t pulled them out in ages mainly because of a buckle that’s a little wonky, but I found an easy work around.  The fabric on the sandals has a weave similar to denim and a brownish olive sheen so they worked perfectly with jeans and the shimmery Cahsmere Premier Designs necklace.  My Kendra Scott gold earrings rounded out the outfit.

Misti and I were very excited about date night File Jul 15, 7 10 56 PMwhich ended up being Saturday.  Greg and I got to sneak out for a quick glass of wine at the Memorial Wine Cellar which is a great place to try out wines and chill.  The great thing about these Steve Madden wedges (besides the cool flowers on the heals) is that they make me really tall which is helpful when I hang out with Greg since he’s 6’4″ tall.  This scarf is also one of my favorites and I never know what to wear it with, but it was just enough to keep me comfortable in the wine bar.  Misti also loved the Premier Designs necklace which is actually part of that same Cashmere necklace, I just wear them separately a lot.

So that was last week.  Once again, Misti did a great job showing me how to wear things in my closet in ways that would not have occurred to me.  It is so fun finally getting to wear things that have been right there in my closet for years just waiting to see the light of day!  Let me know what you think of our choices and please check out this week’s video with Jodi where we will be discussing clothes that energize on the Closet Reboot YouTube channel.

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