Cleaning Scuffs Off Patent Leather Shoes

Alas, my favorite Spring shoes (pink patent leather pumps) keep collecting scuff marks!  I took them to the shoe repair place once to get rid of the marks, but at the rate those scuffs keep coming back, I could just buy a new pair of shoes every month.  Mr. Google and Ms. YouTube were uncharacteristically unhelpful so I got desperate and tried my last resort.  And… it worked!  Click on the thumbnail below to get my secret for losing the scuff marks so you too can rock those patent leather shoes all summer long!

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Scuffs Off Patent Leather Shoes

  1. Thanks for the tip! I have a pair of patent shoes that I didn’t wear because of the scuff marks. Tried the nail polish remover and it totally works, and quickly!😀 Glad that I can wear my shoes again

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