Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & the Mommie Series

img_9341Last Wednesday night I attended the Mommie Series Summer Edition hosted at Catalyst – what a fabulous venue and of course, my sweet friend Misti Pace-Krahl (founder and owner of The Mommie Series) is the quintessential hostess with the mostess.  I didn’t get to stay for the entire program this time, but I still wanted to share a couple of the great tips gleaned and some eye candy from local designer and entrepreneur Elaine Turner.

What I Wore ComboSince a blog post about the RTR Unlimited program is coming up, I’m including a picture of what I wore.  This Amaretto Shawn skirt by Kate Spade was not at all what I expected.  For some reason I did not realize it was metallic when I saw it on the Rent The Runway app, but  I still thoroughly enjoyed wearing it.  It was also fun to get to wear my rose metallic shoes since I probably won’t wear them again until next Fall.  This skirt is definitely a good candidate for rental instead of purchase since it’s fairly distinctive. Everyone always looks fabulous at The Mommie Series so the pressure was on – check out the slide shows from past events for some great fashion displayed by some lovely ladies!

Of course the lovely executive chef of img_9340 Southern Cadence Cuisine, Michelle Morris made an appearance and severed up her usual scrumptious assortment of appetizers – the sweet potato latke with smoked salmon, maple mascarpone and fried capers were to die for!  Check out the Services tab on the Southern Cadence website – she not only caters private events, but offers cooking classes (including one focused on healthy cooking for babies and little ones) and a personal chef service

Each edition of the Mommie Series raises money for a non-profit – this time it was Recipe Gracie Cavnar Recipe for Successfor Success & Hope Farms.  The Founder Gracie Cavnar spoke about regulating, educating and innovating to fight child obesity.  I’m not usually big on regulation, but I thought she had some good points regarding the other two avenues and Hope Farms (think urban farm in low income neighborhoods) sounds like a wonderful project.  One big take away for me was the term “food desert”.  The USDA defines food deserts as “parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers“.  My residential developer boyfriend confirmed food deserts are real thing – really makes you stop and think about what many of us take for granted.  And, it makes me grateful for people like Gracie helping to make food deserts a thing of the past.

Next up was Dr. Rupal Mathur, Founder of Lifelong Weight Loss.  I was very interested toDr. Rupal Mathur Lifelone Weight Losshear what Dr. Mathur had to say given my lifelong struggle with maintaining my weight (see: Weight Maintenance and the Wardrobe Refresh) and she did not disappoint.  She spoke a lot about “ketosis” which is defined by WebMD as “a normal metabolic process, something your body does to keep working. When it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns fat instead.”  Since I’ve been fighting borderline diabetes for a few years now, I’m familiar with ketosis and her comments got my attention.  What I really appreciated was her approach which is very much tailored to each individual’s unique needs depending on their specific needs and biochemistry.  Since weight maintenance is crucial to how well your closet works for you, I’m thinking Dr. Mathur is potentially a great person to interview for the Closet Reboot YouTube channel.

Unfortunately I missed hearing Jennifer Steil of Northwestern Mutual speak about “How to Create Greater Financial Security”. However, we did get to chat a little over champagne and sweet potato latkes before the program got started.  Jennifer has been with Northwestern Mutual for more than nine years and especially likes working with women.  Jennifer struck me as being very sharp and professional; if you are in the market for a financial adviser, definitely consider giving her a call.

I also missed local designer Elaine Turner‘s summer fashion show (Darn it!), but I did get a chance to peruse the lovely items displayed on her tables and racks before the program began.  You can check out these wonderful items on her website and just in time for Mother’s Day!  Elaine has an impressive story – maybe Guy Raz will interview her on the How I Built This podcast soon (see “How I Built This Podcast – Great Beauty and Fashion Episodes“).

I’m always up for the The Mommie Series!  Can’t wait for the Fall Edition coming August 29th, 2018 and in the meantime, check out of the mini-series events.

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