Selecting a Personal Stylist – Part 4

This post is a continuation of answers to the 14 questions posed to 8 personal stylists I interviewed last summer to help me reboot my wardrobe.  For an introduction to the stylists, check out Part 1 and for answers to the first 7 questions, check out Part 2 and Part 3.  In this post, I’ll cover questions #8 through #11.  So let’s get to it.

#8 What is the most common mistake people make with their style?

There was some very strong consensus among our stylists on this answer.  Everyone mentioned “fit” from selecting the wrong size to an unflattering cut for your body type.   Stephinia Hobbs said:

“People tend to buy clothing that is too big because they think it will make them look smaller.”

Guilty as charged here!

Natalie Weakly also noted:

“Some women actually end up dressing to accentuate a problem area instead of de-emphasizing it simply because it’s the area that gets all the attention (even though it’s negative attention!). The result – adding bulk to what is already a larger area (backsides and busts!) or chopping height with skirt and pant lengths for example.”

Several stylists noted that investment in a good tailor that can alter your clothes for a custom fit can make all the difference.  Per Jamie Meyers Bisel:

“Most things can be altered to fit. And, one accessory can sometimes make an outfit a whole lot better. A long scarf can help elongate and make you look thinner.”

Another common reason cited for picking the wrong fit was trying to chase an inappropriate trend.  Per El Matha Wilder:

“A style that is current is not necessarily a style for you. ‘In style’ does not necessarily equal ‘your style’.”

Yael Trusch also noted:

“When your style is not reflecting where you are in life and what your life style is like. You can’t be Kim Kardashian in a super market with 3 little kids.”

#9 What is your favorite success story while working as a stylist?

Natalie King related a lovely experience where she helped a teacher who was single and spent most of her spare time caring for her sick mother.  Most of her clothes were hand-me-downs and did not fit well so 90% of her closet ended up getting edited.  She was working with a limited budget and was also in the process of losing weight, so Natalie took her to inexpensive venues to start building her wardrobe and helped her add to it each season as the weight came off.  For Natalie:

“The confidence boost in this woman and her thank you email made me feel so fulfilled!  Some people feel fashion can be trivial, but it can make their morning so much easier.”

Amen, Sister!

For El Matha Wilder, it was a client going into practice as a therapist that only wanted to wear neutral shoes – as in beige or black.  It took El a full month to convince her to try a pair of red sandals, but her client later came back and said she loved them!  Sounds almost like curing color blindness – what a gift!

Stephinia Hobbs worked with a middle aged lady (like me) who was older than her colleagues, but wanted to fit in on a retreat they were all about to attend.  I can so relate! Per Stephinia:

“After our session together, my client happily announced ‘I look just like my co-workers!'”

For Danna Sivan, it was all about the amazing finds:

“A client had their eye on a pair of Pedro Garcias that retail for over $500. I was able to find them new at $80.  Calling a client on a budget and sharing this type of news is goals.”

Go, Girl!

Jodi Friedman Skorupski didn’t have one story in particular – every thank you note from a customer is tied for her favorite.

#10 Who is your favorite fashion icon and/or designer?


#11 How would you define your own personal style?

Although Jodi Friedman Skorupski had me at “Audrey Hepburn” (my personal all time favorite and I’ve noticed one of my favorite local beauty icons Dominique Sachse is a fan too!), all eight stylists listed some great names and I thought you should hear from them all on these two questions.  Also note I switched out the stylist’s pictures for those of their favorite fashion icons in the featured image for this post.

icon & style table

No wonder these ladies have such great taste!  Those are some amazing icons and what fun personal style!

For more insights from my stylist interviews, click here to read Part 5.

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