Rose Proler Diamonds & Fine Jewelry Presents

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending my old Business Networking International group weekly meeting where Rose Proler of Rose Proler Diamonds and Fine Jewelry presented some lovely creations!  With Christmas right around the corner, I thought you might be inspired by some of her pieces and advice.  So here goes…

Rose's Saphires


First up – this lovely sapphire ring and sapphire diamond bracelet.  I modeled these pieces myself and, yes, they felt awfully good on my hand!  This ring is 3.23 carats and cut in the style worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton – only their ring sports a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire.  The bracelet is what used to be called a “strap bracelet” and in the 1930s, women would wear them stacked all up and down one arm.


Alla Nowowiejski

Next up, this wonderful geometric pattern necklace and bracelet modeled by my friend immigration attorney Alla Nowowiejski can be worn together or separately.  Since they are such statement pieces, Rose recommends they actually not be worn together.  The bracelet is only one link smaller than the necklace so it isn’t much less expensive, but no less exquisite.  One nice feature about these pieces is that they provide visual bulk, but lay flat and are not particularly heavy so tend to be more comfortable and a bit more affordable.


Pat Dolen 2


This mesh gold bracelet and necklace set modeled by my friend work force consultant Pat Dolen also lay flat, but provide visual bulk without being heavy for the wearer.  According to Rose, yellow gold is making a big comeback especially among women in their 30s and 40s whose grandmothers wore gold.  Women in their 50s and 60s tend toward the platinum and white gold that our grandmothers wore – pretty interesting observation and in my case, completely true.


Aquamarine Ring 2



This beautiful deco style ring modeled by family law attorney Jeannie Couture sports an aquamarine stone. Per Rose, this style was very popular among middle aged icons like Liz Taylor in the 1950s and is now coming back in a big way as indicated by how well these pieces are selling at auctions.


Thais Amaral Tellawi 2


Finally, the beautiful necklace, earrings, and rings modeled by my adorable pregnant friend estate attorney Thais Amaral Tellawi are estate pieces.  These pieces too are actually very light so feel great on your neck, ears and hands.  The necklace and earrings are woven by machine so although they are light, they are structurally strong.  The ring on Thais’s right hand, is actually handmade.  The style of this ring is popular among middle eastern Jews because it adheres to orthodox Jewish law regarding wedding bands.  According to Rose, these rings must be made from a precious metal, cannot be pierced, and be made from one continuous strip of metal.

One of the big advantages to working with a jeweler like Rose is not only her ability to create unique designs so that you don’t see yourself coming and going, but that you can get a much bigger bang for your buck.  Rose can often provide higher quality stones and materials at a better price since you aren’t paying for a big designer name.  Several of the gentlemen in the BNI Greenway group gave testimonials for Rose regarding pieces she created for their wives as anniversary and birthday gifts as well as cuff links and watches created, upgraded or even repaired for themselves.  Rose also works with clients to design new settings for stones they inherited or just want to re purpose.  My personal experience with Rose has been outstanding – she really knows here gems (possessing formal gemology certifications that she updates regularly) and has provided my family with multiple formal appraisals.

Rose will come to your home or you can meet her by appointment in her office at 3900 Essex Lane Suite 525, Houston, Texas.  To schedule an appointment, you can reach Rose at 713.624.3098 or 800.624.3098.

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